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ASSET CONTROL is committed to delivering a complete integrated Facilities Management system which will optimize your operations. Whilst our Facilities Management software is an important aid in achieving this.

Project Management

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Professional training and support is delivered by ASSET CONTROL's own highly skilled instructors, empowering your team and giving them the confidence and skills to make Concept work for your business.

Software Training

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Cloud & Saas

ASSET CONTROL's Software as a Service and dedicated hosting provides clients and partners with a resilient and cost effective Help-desk solution, accessed over the internet, work from anywhere.

Hosted Solutions

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Skilled at replicating and resolving even the most elusive of intermittent problems, ASSET CONTROL's support staff will stay engaged until your problem is solved, and will ensure a response to a call or e-mail.

Support Team

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Join The Evolution With Thousands of Satisfied Users World Wide!

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Concept Evolution™ Completely web-based Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) Software Solution from FSI.

 Concept Evolution is the most complete and trusted CAFM software on the market.

Version 5.0 is here…

What Is Concept Evolution?

Completely web-based, complete CAFM solution, and the next generation of FSI’s multi award-winning Concept™ CAFM range, retaining key features, functionality, and crucially compatibility, from the current Concept™ generation range. This new breed of Computer Aided Facilities Management software merges powerful functionality with sophisticated technology to extend facilities management across borders, and optimize process efficiency, accuracy and productivity throughout the life-cycle.

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Self Service

Concept Reach™ provides a light, web-based front-end application to compliment the wider use of the Concept Evolution™ completely web-based CAFM solution. For users who do not have access to the core Concept Evolution™ system, Concept Reach™ allows them to interact with the same information.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Concept™ Reports along with Intuitive BI is a business intelligence dashboard solution, providing instant data visualization and analysis of the information stored in your Concept Evolution system.

Asset Management

Use Concept Evolution to create and assign Asset Management Tasks to resources. Send existing Concept Evolution assets to the mobile devices for resources to review asset details and confirm their validity. Offers the ability to provide a structure that ensures assets are identified and classified correctly and consistently.

Sub Contractor Management

Concept Connect™ allows you to extend, via a light web portal, access to Concept Evolution™ to your sub contractors and anyone else that does not require full system capability. Moving the day-to-day work to your contractors, including grids, search facilities and the assigning of resources etc, will allow them to complete their own tasks.

Property Management

The Property & Estates Management module (PEMS), offers property managers, owners and tenants a solution to manage their property portfolios. By monitoring elements that may have an impact on property portfolios, as well as dealing with review and expiry dates, a summary of potential revenue and performance can be produced. Statutory requirements, lease notifications and landlord/tenant responsibilities can be tracked.

Helpdesk & Task Management

Each task, whether reactive or cyclical, has an associated Service Level Agreement (SLA) that displays the estimated completion time against which task progress can be monitored. A five colour traffic light system can be defined by each user to represent time left until estimated completion time. This ensures that overdue jobs or jobs about to breach will be easily identifiable to the user.

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Concept Evolution™ v 5.0
An evolution once again…

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Concept Evolution is loaded with useful features and modules, each one with its own purpose. We listen to our clients and assist where we can, let’s see who they are…