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Concept Evolution™ is a completely web-based Computer Aided Facilities Management solution, and the next generation of FSI’s multi award-winning Concept™ CAFM range.

This new breed of Computer Aided Facilities Management software merges powerful functionality with sophisticated technology to extend facilities management across borders, and optimise process efficiency, accuracy and productivity throughout the lifecycle.

Easily accessed through a standard web browser, Concept Evolution™ offers an extremely powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use facilities management software platform that leverages the web to provide a single, integrated view of facilities and maintenance activities across your portfolio.

By centralising data and processes throughout the facility management lifecycle, Concept Evolution™ provides a secure, seamless flow of information across locations, divisions, operations, people and projects.

This next generation of our CAFM software makes critical operational data available on-demand to users in any location.  It offers a single, holistic view of all facilities and maintenance activities, and can easily track every location, asset and person: analyse the processes, costs and efforts required for optimal operations, and understand the impact of acquisitions, utilisation, maintenance, improvements, service provision and expenditures.

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Who Uses Concept Evolution?

Concept Evolution™ is perfectly suited to organisations and facilities managers who manage a single facility through to a global property portfolio, or those who focus on a singular aspect of facilities operations.

Concept Evolution™ is a superior Computer Aided Facilities Management solution that will allow you to stay on time and on budget, driving significant cost savings that translate to long-term profitability.

Additional Modules Available


The Concept Evolution™ base system includes a Compliance Register, for linking Instruction Sets, Tasks and PPM schedules to a comprehensive Compliance Type register, with control of due dates and compulsory certification for compliance tasks.

Hazards & Warnings 

Select a task, open an asset record, review contact details or building data – if one or more hazard or warning has been defined against the particular data records the Concept Evolution™ user will be presented with a clear visual warning that hazards are associated to the record.

Multi Time Zone 

Multi Time Zone (MTZ) provides a centralized Concept Evolution system for users who span multiple countries and time zones. Using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) as a base, local date/times are calculated, taking daylight saving rules into account.

Resource Planner

Resource Planner allows for the organizing and planning of work orders. Users can instantly determine available resources via the graphical planner, which provides a high level overview of availability for multiple engineers, whilst visibility of their skills and disciplines ensures the correct engineer is assigned to action work orders.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Each task, whether reactive or cyclical, has an associated Service Level Agreement (SLA) that displays the estimated completion time against which task progress can be monitored.

Software as a Service (SAAS)

SAAS is a software distribution model allowing you to fully utilise Concept Evolution™ without disruption to day-to-day operations, whilst maintaining control of FM costs. Concept Evolution™ is hosted by FSI in a secure environment, published and available over the web directly to your computer, regardless of location.

Concept Connect 

Concept Connect™ allows you to extend, via a light web portal, access to Concept Evolution™ to your sub-contractors and anyone else that does not require full system capability. Moving the day-to-day work to your contractors, including grids, search facilities and the assigning of resources etc, will allow them to complete their own tasks.

Concept Reach 

Concept Reach™ provides a light, web-based front-end application to complement the wider use of the Concept Evolution™ completely web-based CAFM solution. This can be achieved through your existing corporate intranet or extranet, utilising the same data set. For users who do not have access to the core Concept Evolution™ system, Concept Reach™ allows them to interact with the same information.

Concept Reports

Concept™ Reports is the engine that provides the basis of system report generation without the need for third-party reporting tools or viewers. Depending on deployment methodologies and access rights, users can either import and export reports defined by FSI or internal Concept™ champions, or generate new report definitions.

Crystal Connect

Crystal Connect™ allows for the distribution of these Crystal Reports® without the need for further or additional Crystal Reports® licences. Whilst a knowledge of the Concept Evolution™ database tables is required to create reports, general Concept Evolution™ users can select from pre-defined parameters, using friendly names for given data fields.

Digital Dashboard

Not only does Digital Dashboard draw data from existing Concept™ sources, its power lies in its integration with third-party operational data sources of choice.

Users are given immediate access to highly relevant metrics to measure asset performance and key business metrics at a glance, allowing for a strategic, enterprise-wide approach to facilities and maintenance management.

Live View

Live View is a graphical display of Task, Booking, Asset and Stock data in relation to locations. As a natural extension of Concept’s™ Visual Booking interactive room and hot desk module, it also taps into the popularity of the dashboard interface. These tools provide a powerful graphical representation of the headline data and allow users to drill down to the information that enables them to make fast, accurate decisions.

Intuitive Dashboard & Concept Evolution

FSI Intuitive BI is a business intelligence dashboard solution, providing instant data visualisation and analysis of the information stored in your Concept Evolution system.

The solution supports the distribution of key management information to Concept Evolution and Concept Reach users, in an easy-to-understand format. Furthermore, end users can manipulate, extract and present data in an easy-to-understand format, and publish at the appropriate level of detail for each user role/responsibility automatically.

FSI GO is a software platform for Mobile Application development. Providing flexibility and agility, FSI GO enables the creation of fully customised mobile solutions, extending the functionality of both Concept Evolution and third party integrated systems.

FSI GO supports mixed environment Smart Phones and tablets, plus bring your own device.

The FSI GO platform comes with a range of pre-designed template applications.

Mobile applications are built via the fully web-enabled Management Portal.

Purchase Orders

Fully integrated with other components of Concept Evolution™, the Purchase Order module simplifies processes associated with order management, including everyday accounting operations. The module can be used to manage several order types including purchase orders and contract related orders.


The Quotes module provides the tools needed to request quotations for the supply of goods, materials and services. It reduces the amount of time spent raising and managing quotations through traditional manual methods and provides instant access to supplier and pricing information.

Sales Invoicing

The Sales Invoicing Module for Concept Evolution™ manages the invoicing of scheduled tasks (fixed and variable amounts), reactive tasks, facilities bookings and projects-based tasks throughout the period of a contract.  Any charges raised automatically comply with rules defined against contracts in line with agreed client-pricing policies, and invoicing rates can be setup accordingly.


The Stores module offers a comprehensive range of functions for stock control and management. As well as the basic operations of recording purchased stock and allocating it to multiple stores locations, the stock register makes provision for details such as manufacturer part numbers, bin locations, bar codes, unit prices and quantities for reordering.

BMS Integration

FSI provides a wealth of tools for the integration of building control systems into Concept.  BMS is not intended to provide the functionality of a control system, but provides the transfer of key information from the BMS system into Concept, to allow the issue of run-time maintenance and alarms.


Making the most of status data available from connected assets and sensors has its origins in the Building Management Systems (BMS) infrastructures that have grown up alongside FSI’s development of Concept Evolution. However, the ease, sophistication and integration of wired and wireless networking and two-way communications with traditional BMS assets – plus connection with an increasing range of additional, everyday ‘things’ in a building – now allows a step-change to be made in delivering within, and increasingly beyond, FM processes.

Workflow Lite

Whilst many software systems are capable of issuing automated messages via email or electronic facsimile, the rules that govern such functionality are often rigid and the content definition limited. By contrast via Workflow Lite™, Concept Evolution™ offers complete control over the business rules that trigger system communications and the content of messages.

Workflow Professional

Building upon the functionality of Workflow Lite™, Workflow Pro™ includes a standard set of reusable software components (nodes) which enable the automation of business processes and integration of Concept Evolution™ with other business systems.


FSI’s approach to integrations is based on business value. We will adapt and provide an integration solution using whatever mechanism provides most benefit to the client and which solves the business problem.

FSI Dreamscape Development Platform

Fully integrated with your business systems. Allows branding in line with your company colour scheme and logos, to make it yours. Brings your applications closer to your users. Provides a positive user experience.

CAD Connect

CAD Connect™ is a desktop application which is installed alongside AutoDesk®, AutoCAD® or AutoDesk Architectural Desktop® and which provides the tools and information to manage space and infrastructure costs effectively.


FSI and Excitech, a leading provider of technology services for the construction sector, have joined forces to extend Excitech’s facilities management offering into FSI’s CAFM range, adding cost-effective Space and Move Management functionality to the Concept Evolution fully web-enabled solution.

Facilities Booking

Facilities Booking provides a flexible set of tools and options to simplify the administration and optimization of shared resources throughout a property portfolio. From meeting, conference room and hot desk booking through to booking training facilities, parking spaces and pool cars, the Facilities Booking module combines a rich feature set with ease of use.

QED – Aura

Room availability made simple. Introducing the , 10.1″ Android based meeting room screen from ResourceXpress. Provides clear indication of room status and availability with on screen indicators and LED front/side lights. Supports use of NFC/Mifare/FeliCa/(HID upgrade available) cards for optional authenticated interactions.

QED – Qubi3

Intelligent multi-functional LED’s with desk or room/huddle space screen modes. Smart, flexible and intelligent it makes maximum use of every desk, meeting room or huddle-space. It optimizes your floorspace and minimizes your carbon footprint.

Visual Booking

Visual Booking for Concept Evolution™ is a quick and easy way to search and book any available resources in a visual layout via interactive maps and zones.
Static images including regional maps, building floor plans, schematics or photographs of buildings or locations can be uploaded and be overlaid with shapes that represent one or many zones.

eSight Energy Integration

FSI, in partnership with eSight® Energy, a best-of-breed energy management suite, provide an integrated maintenance and energy management solution. eSight® provides the most sophisticated and intuitive energy management and analysis techniques available worldwide. Users can manage all aspects of energy-related data, and as a fully web-enabled solution, eSight® is available as both a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, or installed directly to a client site.


Asset Classifications

With Asset Classifications, you know exactly which assets you expect to have within your properties and contracts, and therefore those you don’t. Integrated with the Concept Evolution CAFM / IWMS solution from FSI, giving you the full picture of your data and realizing effective asset management. Benefit from a consistent and accurate asset register for an effective asset maintenance strategy. Asset Classifications from FSI: for smarter asset management.

    Property and Estates Management

Fully integrated with the Concept™ base system, PEMS provides a comprehensive range of property related data. By monitoring elements that may have an impact on property portfolios, as well as dealing with review and expiry dates, a summary of potential revenue and performance can be produced. Statutory requirements, lease notifications and landlord/tenant responsibilities can be tracked.

Regime Manager

Using Regime Manager in tandem with Asset Classifications, you will know exactly which assets you have and how to maintain them correctly. You can define links between classifications of assets and the PPMs needed to maintain them. Asset Managers can pre-define planned maintenance requirements for assets, and in any facility they manage.

SFG20 XML Import

The SFG20 XML Import from FSI is a Workflow solution that creates PPM Instruction Sets in accordance with the SFG20 maintenance standards set out by the Building Engiuneering Services Association (BESA).



Integrated Services Module (ISM)

The Integrated Services Module (ISM) for Concept Evolution™ not only provides existing functionality available within the Integrated Services Helpdesk / Soft Services Helpdesk or Porterage module, but also enhances the user experience. Focus is very often on high volumes of tasks with short SLA response and rectification times, therefore usability is key. With that in mind, ISM include a Rapid Entry Helpdesk for speedy data entry, and a Resource Management screen enabling the quick assignment of tasks to available resources via drag-and-drop. Task Scheduling is available with ISM, to accommodate portering tasks as well as any non-Hard FM tasks including cleaning and security. Users are able to create Scheduled Tasks, by minute, hour, day, for security rounds and cleaning schedules etc.


The Projects module for Concept Evolution™ caters for the management and recording of projects. Functionality includes cost control, cost recharging, task scheduling, authorization, move management and management of associated risks relating to the task(s) at hand.

Having defined the basic project details and its authorization model, key project elements and individual tasks are then specified. Among st other data, each task can include estimated costs, timelines and location of deliverable s. The project risk, cost recharge and tracking provide total visibility of project progress and spend.

Projects can be displayed via an interactive Gantt Chart, in order to illustrate the project schedule including start and finish dates of the project components, as well as a summary of the project itself. Individual task timelines can be viewed from within the chart and you can drill down to the selected tasks’ details.

Payment Mechanism System

We have applied that experience to our latest generation Concept Evolution Payment Mechanism System (PMS). Designed for swift, exible deployment with considerable, pre-built ‘out-of-the-box’ economies it builds on the existing functionality Concept Evolution offers by way of SLA calendar sessions, but adds significant breadth and depth to meet a myriad of client-specific requirements.

PMS was born from a philosophy which recognises key goals of a PayMech; for the client and for the authority being served:

To automate the calculation of monthly payment deductions in line with the contract schedules, minimising the requirement for time-consuming manual processes requiring input from experienced PFI contract personnel.

Present the calculation of performance and associated reporting to the satisfaction of the PPP Authority.

Operate multiple PayMechs through a single database instance.

Having defined the basic project details and its authorization model, key project elements and individual tasks are then specified. Among st other data, each task can include estimated costs, timelines and location of deliverable s. The project risk, cost recharge and tracking provide total visibility of project progress and spend.

Projects can be displayed via an interactive Gantt Chart, in order to illustrate the project schedule including start and finish dates of the project components, as well as a summary of the project itself. Individual task timelines can be viewed from within the chart and you can drill down to the selected tasks’ details.

Import Utility

The Import Utility allows for data to be imported into Concept Evolution™ through a custom Microsoft Excel plugin*.

Key components include:

Create new import templates using data requirements (compulsory fields etc) set up in your Concept
Evolution™ system.

Validate data entered on the template in Microsoft Excel with one click.
Validation errors highlighted in spreadsheet to allow for correction.
Import validated data directly into Concept Evolution™.
Save and open spreadsheets as Concept Evolution™ documents.
History of data imports stored in Concept Evolution™ with access to the original spreadsheets.
Ability to update and re-import existing as well as new data.

Upon logging into Concept Evolution™, a pop-up is presented to the User, containing the URL to the Concept Evolution™ system to import into, plus Authentication mode and settings for completion.

Import spreadsheets can be stored as documents using the Document Repository system in Concept Evolution™. Via the Open Template button, these stored documents can be opened from a repository and used as templates whenever required.

GDPR Toolkit

To meet the obligations of the regulation, FSI are committed to and actively working towards providing the tools to allow our users to achieve compliance.

We are tightening up data controls in key areas of the FSI applications and, where possible, putting control of personal data and consent back in to the hands of the users, to not only view and manage contact details held about them, but also choose to opt out of email notifications.

The FSI applications will allow users to publish Privacy Policies regarding the retaining and processing of user data, and users will be asked to consent to these policies on sign up, first use, or any updates to the policies.

IFS 360 Integration

Concept Evolution™ and FSI GO integrate with IFS 360 Scheduling for automated workforce scheduling. IFS 360 schedules a mobile workforce effectively and profitably, returning immediate cost benefits, including the reduction in travel costs and the improvement in dispatcher-to-engineer ratio. At the heart of IFS 360 Scheduling is the dynamic Scheduling Engine, constantly reviewing both workload and technicians: routine decisions are made automatically by the system to ensure the correct resources are utilised to achieve optimum efficiency and maximum customer service. Contracts in Concept Evolution™ can be configured as Schedulable, and once set, any tasks associated with a Contract can be set to be scheduled by the 360 Dynamic Scheduling Engine.

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