What Is Concept

Is your current FM service visible only to your fellow FM professionals?

Do you want to encourage your entire workplace community to contribute to the success of the facilities they occupy?

Concept Advantage from FSI is a suite of Apps, designed to encourage the entire workplace community to contribute to the success of the facilities they occupy. Connecting Concept Evolution CAFM to the business via end users and their mobile devices, the Concept Advantage apps extend FM beyond the core managers, operatives and suppliers who formally manage it.

The Apps and their container can be branded to make them your own. Functionality can be tailored to suit end users. Effective and successful FM is put directly in the hands of all those on the receiving end, promoting a positive workplace environment.


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Why Use Concept Advantage?

A suite of single purpose user-focused apps

Connecting the Concept Evolution CAFM solution to the business ecosystem.

  • Extends FM beyond managers, operatives and suppliers to the wider business ecosystem
  • Creates a community in your workplace
  • Raises the profile of FM in your business

Concept Advantage Features

  • Chat Log  – A sociable facilities helpdesk experience for use by end users on mobile devices
  • Our Say  – A community, multi-campaign, suggestion & voting tool
  • My Visitors – End users can pre-book in a visitor and receive notification of arrival
  • Encourages users to contribute to the success of your facilities
  • Engages your workplace community
  • Socialises FM

Supported Platforms

  • Android 4.4 or Above
  • Apple iOS 10 or Above


  • WiFi, 3G & 4G
  • Evolution API over the internet

Apps coming soon include:

  • Book a room
  • Our community
  • Reserve a space

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